• Journal of Soil and Plant Health

    The Journal of Soil and Plant Health

    The Journal of Soil and Plant Health is a dedicated platform aimed at advancing the scientific frontiers within the fields of soil science and plant health. Our primary objective is to provide an avenue for the dissemination of cutting-edge research that contributes significantly to the sustainable management of soils and the promotion of plant health. Embracing an interdisciplinary approach, we seek to foster collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in tackling the pressing issues related to soil degradation, plant diseases, and their profound impacts on ecosystems and agriculture. Our journal's scope encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, including soil biology and microbiology, soil chemistry and physics, plant health and disease management, soil fertility and nutrient management, soil-plant interactions, soil conservation and remediation, agroecology and sustainable agriculture, climate change resilience, and the provisioning of ecosystem services by soils and plants. Through the publication of original research articles, reviews, perspectives, and commentaries, we aim to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas, ultimately contributing to the development of innovative solutions for sustainable land use practices, environmental conservation, food security, and human well-being on a global scale. We welcome contributions from researchers, educators, and professionals worldwide to join us in addressing the critical challenges in the fields of soil and plant health.

  • Archives of Medicine and Drug discovery

    The Archives of Medicine and Drug discovery (AMDD) is a multidisciplinary open access journal, aims to publish advance molecular and clinical studies related to medical and pharmaceutical sciences. The journal is interested in novel protocols and studies used to develop and investigate drug targets and pathophysiology of diseases. Journal covers different molecular and clinical aspect used to uncover the mechanistic approach of disease progression. Manuscripts addressing the epidemiological, clinical and experimental aspect of the disease are highly encouraged. We offer rigorous peer-review and publication free of charge under strict ethical policies and standards.

    Scientists are encouraged to submit manuscript as original research articles, comprehensive reviews, communications, case reports, letters, commentaries and editorials in categories of pharmacology, psychology, pharmaceutics, drug development and targets, medicinal chemistry, cellular biosignaling, pharmacy practice, biotechnology and allied medicine to be published in our regular and special issues.

  • Pakistan Journal of Biosciences

    Pakistan Journal of Biosciences is a multidisciplinary international scientific journal covering all areas of biology. Journal considers original research articles, critical reviews, product news and information and is dedicated to the exchange of information and understandings in life science research.